What does undp stands for

what does undp stands for

Paragraph 70 of the second Multi-Year Funding Framework, covering the years 2004 to 2007, specifically states: To this end, the ICT strategy will focus on establishing an adequate platform to facilitate the use of online collaborative tools, content and document management, and the sharing of experiences and best practices.

There is growing recognition that engagement with CSOs is critical to national ownership, accountability, good governance, decentralisation, democratisation of development cooperation, and the quality and relevance of official development programmes. While there was outreach and engagement through online and actual consultations, [17] on the whole its deliberations were considered to be less than optimal.

Conclusions and recommendations. Based on the analytical framework and lessons culled from research and specific case studies of national e-strategies, the report also explored the potential for offering catalytic support in selected countries such as South Africa, Romania, Mozambique and Bolivia through the initiative.

what does undp stands for

However, the timing of the stronger move into ICTD proved, in one respect, to be unfortunate: Stakeholder participation. Data is used more rigorously to inform programming, and new quality standards for projects have been rolled out.

what does undp stands for

On the other hand, it supports the coordination of UN activities at national level through the Resident Coordinator system, which it manages, working closely with the government, agencies and other development partners. Sustaining the action line teams, and working on common projects virtually and in real time with partners, was identified as a possible way forward.

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Lausanne, Switzerland: In the context of ICT for poverty reduction and democratic governance, UNDP activities are framed less as a follow-up to WSIS per se — although its activities are supportive of many WSIS action items — than as directly realising a broader set of UN Summit goals, particularly the MDGs, and helping countries and local communities to identify ways in which ICT can be mainstreamed in response to national development imperatives and programme challenges.

While national e-strategies and policies are viewed as a priority in many countries, their participatory development and implementation are not. Financial, Budgetary and Administrative Matters.

what does undp stands for

E-governance and support to participatory processes, into which ICT is a mainstreamed activity, are also being supported at the headquarters and regional levels. Available from: UN General Assembly 1965. It is intended to enable institutional and cultural transformation processes, including:.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

While the ITU has created a web platform for this, to date this strand of networked activity has proved difficult to launch. Role and responsibilities in ICTs. All sources of finance — domestic and international, public and private — are needed to achieve the SDGs.

what does undp stands for