What food do plants make during photosynthesis


Impact of this question 4243 views around the world. Toggle text. Harry R. Photosynthesis also produces oxygen. How does color affect light absorption?

what food do plants make during photosynthesis

During photosynthesis, plants trap light energy with the chlorophyll in their leaves. Using the energy from sunlight, this is combined with water drawn up from the roots to make glucose. Chloroplasts are made up of stacks of tiny disclike membranes called grana, held in a dense mass of material known as the stroma.

The water also keeps the whole plant firm and upright. This makes the plant suck more water up from its roots, like someone sucking on a straw. Related questions Why does photosynthesis need light?

what food do plants make during photosynthesis

Here's an image of this process: During photosynthesis, oxygen gas is also produced. Why is photosynthesis referred to as a biochemical pathway? Some water escapes, or evaporates, from the leaves.

what food do plants make during photosynthesis

This site uses cookies and by continuing to browse it you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Glucose is then transported from the leaves to the rest of the plant as required by phloem in the vascular transport system of the plant.

How plants make their own food: photosynthesis

Why is photosynthesis important for plants? During photosynthesis , plants make sugars that they use for energy and to make cellulose and starch. Read our cookies policy. Glucose is the sugary food the plant produces during photosynthesis. Many leaf cells contain tiny, lens-shaped organelles called chloroplasts.

Biology Energy In Organisms Photosynthesis. This process can be illustrated through the following chemical and word equations:.

what food do plants make during photosynthesis

Plants use their leaves to make food.