What is frontpage server extensions

what is frontpage server extensions

A full hyperlink map of all files in a FrontPage web. Instead, the normal Web server page-retrieval process occurs. The FPSE are installed not only on the machines of FrontPage users but also on countless servers operated by the providers of web-hosting services. You can think of a FrontPage web as a project. United Kingdom - English. The Internet and intranet cases typically use different methods of publishing.

FrontPage Server Extensions

To extend a website, use the install operation, which takes the following parameters. Although any FrontPage Server Extensions functionality increases a Web server's attack surface, you can greatly reduce your exposure to attack by following the 10 steps to secure FrontPage Server Extensions.

These role services are required to install the FrontPage Server Extensions, but they are optional once installation has completed. One common mistake is to either have the wrong permissions set on the FrontPage Web root directory or have the root directory located on a FAT partition.

what is frontpage server extensions

About three-quarters of the way down the page, you should find HTML code that is similar to the following: IIS 7. No proprietary file system sharing calls are necessary. To remove FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions from a website:. The Server Extensions support three levels of access control of FrontPage webs: Did this solve your problem? Only new or changed pages and files are copied by default.

Installing the FrontPage Server Extensions on IIS 7

Manage Web sites either on the local server or remotely, by using HTML Administration pages or a quick command-line interface. Tighten up security.

what is frontpage server extensions

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A Guide to FrontPage Server Extensions

Make the move to another application. It is in the public domain. Set your permissions to the highest levels that still allow your site to function normally for visitors, and delete any unused or unnecessary user accounts.

what is frontpage server extensions

Implement as many steps as are feasible in your organization. When you use FrontPage Server Extensions, remember to check your configuration by attempting to connect to your FrontPage Web site from another location.