What is the leader in me program

Our School

Anyone who goes along with this ridiculous program has rocks for brains. We made the choice to focus on ideas, not systems, for the same reasons found in many of the posts here- costs and misalignment of purpose by the company.

I attended a symposium a while back. I have been communicating with prospective TLIM schools and believe that I may be making an impact in at least stemming the growth of this horrible, non-research based, unconstitutional program. School needs to be a place that has high relevancy to life, for the teacher and child.

what is the leader in me program

The behaviour in our school has become a joke. At my school, it is all a show. The library budget was raided to fill the shelves with Covey storybooks which believe it or not are actually worse than the Berinstein Bears the office budget was used for printing reams of paper for the program, we decorated the school for the Leadership day with new murals and posters.

I will venture to guess, though, that it is more the people than the program responsible for that kindness!

what is the leader in me program

I think these are worthwhile considerations for anyone looking into the LIM program. We actually got rid of the program by getting rid of her, because she had many, many failures as a principal.

Let’s Talk About the Leader in Me

Well said, Len! When the Leader in Me sales staff comes to your school, try to convince your staff that this is a shallow program but a huge money pit. I have found almost nothing online that criticizes the program.

Foundation funds are primarily derived from an approximate 4 million dollar annual donation from the Panda Express Company. Thank you. Contact Us.

what is the leader in me program

That is obscene. The one attempt at bona fide research out of Western Kentucky University failed miserably as it was flawed from the outset with groups designed to yield favorable results for TLIM. So many folks in school after school are faced with this same fear and intimidation.

The teachers I work with are the best group of women I know and we all take our job seriously.

what is the leader in me program

I hope that was just a mistake due to fast typing? I do not relish being a naysayer and anyone who knows me understands that, but this program and all it entails begs for scrutiny and exposure.

WISD "Leader in Me" Program

Thank you so much for this thoughtful reply. Have a great and kind day,. The atmosphere between the two buildings is shocking; last year the students were rude, entitled, and had no respect for adults working in the building.

what is the leader in me program