What is the smallest violin size

Realize that anyone playing on a violin smaller than a full size, will be growing, and should be measured at least every year, or more often if there is a large growth spurt happening. In addition to the traditional natural wood finish, many music shops supply violins in fun colours too. We stock nearly all violins from many makers in this size, even left-handed violins. Article by Rhoda Barfoot — Read my detailed guide on purchasing an instrument here.

A Beginner’s Guide to Violin Sizes

Lemania Verbier International School Switzerland. If not, the violin is probably too big. They need not buy the big ones.

You can use a tape measure or a yardstick; I use my home-made "Fiddle Stick," a yardstick on which I've marked all the measurements. When is a good time to move to a bigger size?

Violin Sizes: Finding Your Fit

A violin that is too big will be heavy for a child to hold. If you are up-sizing, enjoy the new likely improved sound of a bigger fiddle! Is it ok to change sizes in the middle of a term? The best violin size would be which you can hold and play perfectly without any discomfort or supporting efforts affecting you. E strings always attach to a fine tuner. Some brands have different sizes based on the gender.

what is the smallest violin size

Heavier or bulkier violins can be harder to hold up, overextended for long periods of time causing the student to not want to practice for long. Press Release: Maybe after a little practice they can move on to a bigger size.

what is the smallest violin size

If you would like us to rosin the bow and tune the violin before shipping it to you simply call us at 800 761-2585. Violins are either "full size" or "fractional. Welcome, Guest!

what is the smallest violin size

Violinist who are ages 2 or 3 might play on the worlds smallest violin. Check the length in cm or inches against the table below: If you are getting a violin for the first time, all the best on your new musical journey! This violin would make a perfect gift for a child.

what is the smallest violin size

Yamaha Violin Finder. If your child is able to play the fourth finger notes in tune, then they will be fine with the new size. If they can reach this fingering the violin will be usable.

The weight of the violin will make the arms tired and numb.