What is tubular adenoma with moderate dysplasia

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The Cause of Polyps

Polypoid tumor with gyrated surface sitting on a short stalk. Colon tumor Polyps Adenoma - general Author: Understanding Your Pathology Report: Polyps that are more abnormal and look more like cancer are said to have high-grade severe dysplasia.

Adenomas have several different growth patterns that can be seen by the pathologist under the microscope. What if my report uses the term sessile?

what is tubular adenoma with moderate dysplasia

Since you had an adenoma, you will need to have a colonoscopy every so often to make sure that you don't develop any more adenomas. Dysplasia is a term used to describe precancerous or abnormal cells.

Understanding your report: Colon-Adenoma

If your adenoma was biopsied but not completely removed, you will need talk to your doctor to determine what further treatment is best for you.

When your next colonoscopy should be scheduled depends on a number of things, like how many adenomas were found, if any were villous, and if any had high-grade dysplasia.

what is tubular adenoma with moderate dysplasia

Prognostic factors. The term 'traditional serrated' has slightly different features seen with the microscope than the more recently described sessile serrated adenoma.

What if my report also mentions hyperplastic polyps? There are several other types of polyps , including:.

what is tubular adenoma with moderate dysplasia

Most small adenomas are tubular, while larger ones are typically villous. Dysplasia is a term that describes how much your polyp looks like cancer under the microscope: What if my report mentions "dysplasia"?

what is tubular adenoma with moderate dysplasia

In such cases you may need surgery to have the adenoma removed. However, your routine screening schedule should be discussed with your treating doctor as it may be individualized to your specific case.

what is tubular adenoma with moderate dysplasia

As long as your polyp has been completely removed and does not show cancer, you do not need to worry about the type of growth pattern seen in your polyp. Adenomas typically grow very slowly and look like a small mushroom with a stalk. Understanding your report: