What is uni script prescription benefit card

Certain specialty medications may be limited to a 30-day supply.

What are other ways that I can save money on prescriptions? As an Express Scripts member, you can go to any of over 50,000 retail pharmacies, including most major drugstores. The formulary may change during the year when: When available, a generic drug will be dispensed in place of a brand name drug.

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Prescription Drug Plan

Pay retail price at time of purchase, submit claim form to be reimbursed at negotiated price less appropriate co-payment. Toggle navigation.

what is uni script prescription benefit card

The University's pharmacy benefit manager is now Premera, who partners with Express Scripts to provide pharmacy coverage at retail pharmacies and mail order. Maintenance Medications If you take a drug on a regular basis to control or treat an ongoing or chronic condition, you will be able to get your first two fills at a retail pharmacy but then will need to use the mail order pharmacy for future refills.

Benefit Forms.

Prescription Drug Benefit

Express Scripts Home Delivery pharmacy sends you the medicine you need, right to your door, with free shipping and access to pharmacists for drug questions and more. Pharmacy benefit information is available online at Premera. What This Means for You A new drug formulary the list of prescription drugs covered by a prescription drug plan A new HDHP preventive medication list the list of medications not subject to the deductible for the two HDHPs There is now an option to fill a 90-day supply of maintenance medications at retail CVS locations Managing Your Prescriptions The best way to manage your prescriptions is through Caremark.

Generic prescription drugs are usually your best value.

what is uni script prescription benefit card

Links and Forms of Interest. A basic summary of covered medications is available for participant review. Medication Costs Different PBMs have different formularies and manage their medication costs differently.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Skip to main content. Toggle navigation UK Human Resources. If you have existing maintenance prescriptions that are eligible, you can request to have them transferred from a retail pharmacy and delivered to you through the home delivery pharmacy.

what is uni script prescription benefit card

Additionally, the Express Scripts website allows participants to enter a specific drug and related regimen information to receive cost information for each drug entered, including mail order prices. Express Scripts will then reach out to your doctor to receive their approval. The prescription benefit is the same for all UK health plans. To view this information, visit www.