What not to bring in public photography

what not to bring in public photography

If delivered to a public pound, you must be notified in writing of the address. Regardless of whether you're in the right or wrong, no one is allowed to take your camera away from you in a public place.

what not to bring in public photography

This question was brought up on ABC Brisbane's Facebook page this week after it shared a photograph of an unknown couple sitting down and kissing at Woody Point Jetty, north of Brisbane. Videotaping police officers is still a tricky situation without a concrete ruling, but the courts have leaned toward protecting your right to film officers. Skip to Content Information Sheets. For instance, if you took a picture of me fake-punching Stephen Hawking with the caption: Pocket Guide A handy guide that you can print or store on your smartphone.

If your camera is confiscated, you should be issued a receipt indicating the date and time when it was taken. Unless an exception applies, you need permission from the copyright owner of the work. The Summary Offences Act 1988 NSW provides that it is an offence to prevent in any manner the free passage of a person, vehicle or vessel in a public place without reasonable excuse.

You should identify what are the specific powers of the police under the law of the state or territory in which you live.

What the law says about a stranger taking a photo of your child without permission

If you do not have permission to be on privately owned property, you will be liable in trespass. The A. Need more help? I could takes years to collect funds to replace broken equipment or paay medical bills. If you have doubts as to whether the direction is lawful, a course of action that is open to you follow the direction given by the police and then later make a complaint, using the police complaints procedure or to the independent complaints authority often the Ombudsman office , that the direction was unlawful and should not have been given to you.

The next time I am inside a restaurant by a restaurant or any other business where the general public has free and open access if a security camera captures my image, I will sue the owner s for violating my privacy.

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You don't. More stories from Queensland. There is no restriction on taking photographs of people on private property from public property.

what not to bring in public photography

Some courts come to the conclusion that law of Australia has not developed to the point of recognising an action for breach of privacy, while others have held that an invasion of privacy was an actionable wrong which gives rise to a right to recover damages according to the ordinary principles governing damages in tort.

There is a romance in that. Therefore when questioned by a police officer, who asked to view the photographs stored on a digital camera, the dilemma you faced is whether to co-operate with the police officer and give your consent to the police looking at the digital images stored in your camera or you can ask the police officer to explain what is the legal basis on which he or she can demand to view the stored photographs.

If you don't want to sell or make public any of these pictures make sure you're using a service that leaves all the rights in your hands and be sure to check out Creative Commons for an easy way to license your photos.