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Red Dirt carries on the classic tradition of drinking songs, devoting entire tracks to extolling the virtues of booze and the process of getting drunker than hell. The way Texas Country should be. If nothing else, songs about Texas are wildly successful in Texas. His face softens. While mainstream country relies on stereotypical views of women, "She Likes the Beatles" is an honest look at making it work with someone you love, quirks and all. Living in this concrete city, it's easy to forget that there are Texas beaches.

Randy Rogers has a voice that most people associate with Texas, likely because of this song.

How Robert Earl Keen Became a Country and Americana Cult Hero

This is just about as close as you get to church in Red Dirt music, known for all kinds of behavior that just wouldn't be acceptable in the sanctuary.

If you're getting ready for a night out, this song is exactly what you need to get pumped up, even if you're really not much of a cowboy.

More than any other song from their early days, "Boomtown" encapsulates the wild nature of this group's thrilling live show and ability to write a song the crowd can sing-along with. The most rocking song from Hayes Carll's best complete album was written by Scott Nolan. Robert Earl Keen ought to be sick of Christmas. This story of some sage advice given by an old guy certainly went against the norm for many bands playing Adair's Saloon at the time. This revved-up tune is what introduced many of us to Bowen and his mighty pen and signature vocals.

Already registered? Now that Miranda Lambert is a bonafide Nashville star, it's easy to forget that she got her start on the Texas Country charts. Or sign in with a social account: This gritty juke-joint anthem put Hayes Carll on the map in 2005. This song about the perfect country girl with the right kind of country love is addictive and makes us want to chew some Red Man ourselves. Okay, these guys aren't technically from Texas either, but their sound is certainly borrowed from our great state.

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Some of these artists don't even live in Texas, even though they got their start here. If Cross Canadian Ragweed were to get back together and go on tour, we can almost guarantee that this song would be their No. Co-written by Rogers and the legendary songwriter Radney Foster, it's what mainstream country — in all its efforts to sound authentic and well, country — should sound like.

Which is exactly why we love it. Before she was the queen of country music, Lambert's 2005 release is technically a Nashville album, but Texas is more than happy to take credit for our homegrown talent. We've most likely all run into a former lover after we've moved on, only to bittersweetly remember why they were special to us so long ago.