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An Overview of Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy

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Logotherapy in a nutshell

Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing 39 6 , 759-768. Rather, they are guided and assisted in the realization of those meaning possibilities they have detected themselves. Some felt he used his time in the Nazi camps as a way to promote his brand of psychotherapy, and others felt his support came only from religious leaders in the United States indeed, he did recruit ministers and pastoral psychologists to work with him. Dereflection is aimed at helping someone focus away from themselves and toward other people so that they can become whole and spend less time being self-absorbed about a problem or how to reach a goal.

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

This opinion was based on his experiences of suffering, and his attitude of finding meaning through the suffering. Faramarzi, S.

who created logo therapy

This is based on his experiences of pain and suffering and choosing his attitude in a situation that he could not change. Crisis Intervention and Time-Limited Treatment 2 3 , 243-253.


The versatility of logotherapy is clear when looking through its modern-day applications. Specific questions are aimed to raise into consciousness the possibility to find, and the freedom to fulfill, meaning in one's life.

Freedom is here defined as the space of shaping one's own life within the limits of the given possibilities. Individuals Are Unique. We are free to do this at all times in response to certain demands. This deals with change of attitudes about unavoidable fate.

who created logo therapy

The driving force behind logotherapy is the idea that human beings are most motivated by a search for meaning, indicating that the meaning of life is the biggest question on our minds and the biggest stressor on our psyches. Article An Overview of Sports Psychology.

who created logo therapy

Logotherapy is also closely related to existential analysis Frankl, 1958. Rather, clients are aided in achieving the openness and flexibility that will enable them to shape their day-to-day lives in a meaningful manner. Frankl was able to test the first four assumptions when he was confined in the concentration camps. Viktor Frankl Institut.

who created logo therapy

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