Who made the ss great western

His achievements included building innovative bridges and tunnels and constructing British railways with an astonishing sense of detail. In all the Great Britain had 25 accidents entered in her logs — ranging from collisions with other vessels, running aground, lost spars and mast damage, to losing that eccentric Captain Gray in mysterious circumstances.

Nothing escaped his attention when he was involved with a project. When the Great Western departed Britain for its first voyage it almost met disaster when a fire broke out in the engine room. It was a technological marvel, and was also called a "floating palace.

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who made the ss great western

The great ship was finally dragged into deeper water and floated free nearly a year later. The vast lengths of cable could be spooled by workers into the vast hold of the ship, and as the ship traveled westward from Ireland to Nova Scotia the cable was played out behind it. The Great Britain was advanced in two major ways: Under Gibbs Bright and Co, the ship prospered.

SS Great Britain

It was more than twice the length of any other ship, at nearly 700 feet long. The launching was attended by Prince Albert, husband to Queen Victoria, and the ship was lauded as a technological marvel. The tour was immensely successful with a 15,000 crowd attending the opening match at Melbourne.

The ship would have an iron double-hull to resist punctures. Though built of wood, it contained a powerful steam engine, and it was designed specifically to cross the rough North Atlantic. Isambard Kingdom Brunel believed that propeller-driven ships were the way of the future.

At 212 feet long, it was the largest steamship in the world.

who made the ss great western

Brunel, who was already ill, visited the still-unfinished ship in 1859 and a few hours later suffered a stroke and died. Its size was put to use before it was taken out of service when it was used in the late 1860s to help lay the transatlantic telegraph cable.

On her third trip, however, she ran into trouble around Cape Horn, and was forced to run for shelter in Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Great Steamships

And it could carry nearly 4,000 passengers. Continue Reading.

who made the ss great western

He previously served as Amazon. Next article. The fire was extinguished, but not before Isambard Brunel was seriously injured and had to be taken ashore. Damaged as a result of this, she was sold as a coal and wool storage hulk in Port Stanley.