Who will win bb9

I think Rochelle will win BB9, says Keith Sequeira

Ram Vilas Paswan. TV Ka Dum: Seems like lover boy Keith can't see beyond his lady love Rochelle and wants her to emerge as the winner of Bigg Boss 9. Bigg Boss 9 and before: More questions. ICJ rules against UK, advises rapid decolonisation of Mauritian islands 'Fully prepared' for befitting response to 'any India aggression': Latest Celeb Photos: Wouldn't be at all surprised if Rex wins, why?

Ashok Gehlot. Pressure mounts on Theresa May to delay Brexit deadline. January 23, 2016 16: Big Brother 9-Vote for a gal to win BB9!? There were some situations at that time, but I don't think she was feeling insecure.

Bigg Boss 9: Prince Narula will win the show, say HT readers

Oscars 2019 Fashion overview: I think Mikey should win, I dont want him to but he probably deserves it. Chal Jhootha: She has made mistakes, done things that are not right, but has also apologised from her heart.

who will win bb9

We were dating only for three months when we went inside the house. We still have to wait a few hours before the final announcement is made but HT readers have had their say. I must have answered this a million times...

who will win bb9

He, however, definitely has competition from Mandana. It takes a little while to come out of it and that probably might have affected me. Yes, when you are so close and and are not in the finale, it does feels a little sad.

who will win bb9

I think Mikey, Rex or Darnell will win. Looking back what do you think about it?

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You Are At: Entertainment Must Reads. Amazed Twitterati shares videos, poems. There were some of the ex-contestants who wanted Mandana Karimi to win the show. Rochelle has kept it real, she has made mistakes, done things that are not right, but apologised from her heart.