Whole school assembly ideas illinois

Your presentation exemplified this in a relevant and engaging manner that will remain with students long after your presentation ended. We had great participation. It's one of finest performances we've had.

His skill level was truly amazing!

whole school assembly ideas illinois

I am excited to invite The Rope Masters program back to our school in the future. The students were overwhelmed with the amount of information they received about trying to be a positive student as they're growing up, getting information about having good fitness and taking care of themselves.

whole school assembly ideas illinois

Social Media. We would have him come back anytime and I think that you would enjoy having him make a presentation for your kids.

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He was able to incorporate so many skills and techniques and tricks. Both faculty and students were just spellbound by Peter's jump roping skills, but what really "sold" me was his unforgettable message of hard work and commitment. It was a fun event that involved learning, physical education, and general health and boy we had a great time. What a great performance, I really recommend it also to any school that's looking for something to be highly motivational for kids.

whole school assembly ideas illinois

Not only did they get the message, but they were able to participate and be entertained at the same time. Not only for the fitness piece, but with the overall message of trying your best at everything you do.

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You shared an important message to the students and kept it fun for ALL! Eugene W.

whole school assembly ideas illinois

Tara K. Celebrate the profound contributions of African-Americans in an exciting new way. He related well to the audience and the kids. He was able to use his jump roping ability and skill to demonstrate to them that with perseverance this is what you can do.

He did a phenomenal job and was able to focus on 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade, so it was a large group. My kids really enjoyed it and I know yours will too.