Chameleon circuit doctor who lyrics and chords

Type 40.

chameleon circuit doctor who lyrics and chords

Another of the sadder songs, this song brings to light the sad fate of K9, the Doctor's one time companion, who was simply left behind and never heard of again until the new series, season 2, but that's not the point. Definitely one of the most upbeat songs on the album. You will not regret buying this album. Gallifreyan History 101.

Charlie McDonnell. A glorious immortalization of the battles between the Doctor and the Daleks, and with the freaking catchiest chorus EVER. An Awful Lot of Running. Journey's End.

If you were to pick one song to represent Chameleon Circuit as it is currently, I think this would be the one. Scissor Sisters.

chameleon circuit doctor who lyrics and chords

Count the Shadows. Lonely Avenue Deluxe Version. Makes you kind of want to hug him. Sorry for the bad pun, but you see Chameleon Circuit plays a genre of music incorrectly listed as Rock.

The Doctor Is Dying chords by Chameleon Circuit

The music is awesome, the band members are awesome, the subject matter is awesome the whole thing is just fecking WIN. Exterminate, Regenerate. K9's Lament.

Doctor What- Lyrics

Even if you didn't know anything about where the Time Lords came from before you heard this song, you might know a little too much after. Do yourself a favour: View in iTunes. From the first to the last line and the farmiliar sounding underlying tune the guitar chords of the song are the opening theme of Doctor Who, a tune which will be farmiliar to any Who lover , this song is a fabulous opener. Each song is great over and over again.

chameleon circuit doctor who lyrics and chords

Trock On! The Album: It's about time someone did this, and I can only hope that Chameleon Circuit is only the first in a long line of Trock bands. Some are happy and bouncy, like Gallifreyan History 101 and Type 40, others are sad, like K9's Lament well, sort of or Shipwrecked. I love this song.

chameleon circuit doctor who lyrics and chords