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Lorde - Liability. Stargate , P! Check out the full rundown below, and a Spotify playlist of the lot is at the end. Island , Euphoria , sexercise and 10 others like this.

Holy shit, this “acoustic remix” of Charli XCX’s “Lucky”

Our song of the year comes from an LA-based all-girl three piece who'd been quietly releasing good tracks before they hit the motherlode with Loudspeaker. It's understated, yet huge. French Montana] [? I feel like "Writer in the Dark" is the only weak moment on the album, but when THAT is your album's weakest song, I can truly say she did that.

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It's not changing the game or anything, but it's such an enjoyable, fun album. Timmy Trumpet. Rather sound like a broken record much like my vinyl copy of this because the packaging is fucking garbage, cheers Annie , feel free to read and like my review in the calendar thread and cheer the good sis on in my ongoing rate xx Highlights: Sampha - Process Top tracks: It's borderline outsider-art levels of fuckery at some points but all of it just works for me. Quarrel, Doomed, Self Help Tape 39.

Collipark Remix.

charli xcx what i like acoustica

It's flawlessly written. Backseat, Porsche, Unlock It 10.

charli xcx what i like acoustica

Lana Del Rey - Love. George Maple - Hero 24. The sequencing is impeccable. Produced by Dev Hynes and superproducer Ariel Rechtshaid, this was a slinky, majestic, retro eighties ballad of genuine emotion. Foals - Give It All It was always going to be difficult to follow the incredible 2013 album Holy Fire - and they didn't quite manage it, but they came very close.

This video literally saved her career. And I'm so proud to see it.

charli xcx what i like acoustica

It's not as streamlined as it could be, but that works in its favor. Jonathan27 , Dec 24, 2017.

charli xcx what i like acoustica

Bleakly rich in a way that is alluring, menacing, disconcerting — both of here and alien, at once. Paramore- Hard Times 5. Best of 2017...