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To Muslims there is no difference between religious and secular law, and that is perfectly logical. Interview with a mixed-faith couple Experiences in a Christian-Muslim marriage. It is indeed the case that Abdel-Samad presented his central theory — that fascism had already been established in the early days of Islam, and that the conquest of Mecca by supporters of the Prophet Muhammad planted the initial seed — during a talk given to a small gathering in Cairo back in June 2013.

Germany isn't doing itself in, but it is changing through immigration, and that's a good thing. The end of the "Islamic State" Entering a new chapter in Syria.

Women in Turkey The headscarf is slipping.

An SPD politician, after having condemned Sarrazin's statements, is listing examples of successful integration. Or are you trying to avoid offending both your German friends and your fellow Muslims?

With all respect, I do believe that Samad has a weird sense of progress. Ironically, the book shows that its author has more in common with the people he is criticising than he realises. Salman Rushdie wouldn't have behaved like that. If anyone needs to fear for their lives in Egypt at present, then it is above all the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, currently languishing in their hundreds in the nation's jails.

Perhaps you could enlighten us. That, however, is a recipe for disaster. But I perceive myself as a Muslim. We, Christians, are illogical, bear no doubt about, and this is reflected in the dysfunctional behavior of most Christian churches.

To be sure, what Samad and many people dislike from Islam is the fact that Islam rules the life of Muslims; if there is no Sharia law, there is no Islam; this is indisputable. I don't like the nature of this debate at all. Eight years later, the democratic opposition is divided because it has... He does not have anything to do with Islam.

Political Scientist Hamed Abdel-Samad: 'Islam Is Like a Drug'

Nevertheless, to this day, Abdel-Samad has not yet said anything that is truly critical of Egypt's new rulers. Ironically, the very things that Hamed Abdel-Samad criticises in Islamists are the very characteristics that describe Egypt's military rulers: By Daniel Bax. You can distance yourself from Islam but remain within the heart of Islam. Why isn't that the case? Readers' comments can be found by Google and other search engines.