How do garbage incinerators work in texas

You may opt-out at any time. South Carolina and North Carolina are battling over restrictions to interstate shipments of hazardous waste.

how do garbage incinerators work in texas

Please try again later. Environmental leaders in Texas said Mr. Reacting to public concern over proposals to burn and bury thousands of tons of chemical wastes, Texas is about to become the first state to suspend development of new commercial hazardous-waste sites and stop expansions of existing ones. Events Guide Television Theater Video: The permit was approved over the objections of the City Council, the county commissioners and the water commission's own hearing examiner.

how do garbage incinerators work in texas

Wynne on Feb. But smaller businesses must also meet the requirements of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Please upgrade your browser. And because these businesses must pay to have their wastes taken care of, what had been worthless poisons have been turned into an extraordinarily valuable commodity.

how do garbage incinerators work in texas

Worries in Other States. The nation's chemical-waste companies have besieged states with applications to build new incinerators, special landfills, deep well-injection systems and disposal plants.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Waste Incineration - WELS (Waterpedia Environmental Learning Series)

View all New York Times newsletters. In 1976, when the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act was passed, Congress hoped to avoid such disputes by ending the practices that had led to leaky landfills and polluted swamps.

how do garbage incinerators work in texas

Industrial groups say more space is needed to dispose of wastes, or companies may have to curtail their businesses or dump illegally.

Last fall, New York alerted the owner of a new hazardous-waste site that it was restricting the wastes that could be dumped there to those generated in the state or from states that had agreements with New York. The law had the effect of concentrating the wastes of these smaller businesses at specific commercial sites.

Texas Calls Halt to Waste-Disposal Sites

The rules led companies to design specially engineered waste dumps, incinerators and deep wells for permanently storing hazardous wastes. Wynne's call for more disposal sites was misguided and politically impractical.

how do garbage incinerators work in texas

Public outcry reached a peak last year, when Houston Chemical Services gained permission from the Texas Water Commission to build a commercial incinerator in La Porte.

Texas is far from the only state grappling with safe disposal of industrial wastes. In September, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency took steps to make the industry more profitable when it issued rules to broaden the types of wastes considered hazardous.