How little we know fallout

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how little we know fallout

Talk to Joana and Carlitos, respectively from the previous step, to finalize their escape plans. Old World Blues.

How Little We Know

Ask Big Sal about the Omerta's plan after Cachino is killed. Hidden category: You can also search boxes first and take weapons you find.

how little we know fallout

You and What Army? Initial quests. Return to the lower level and take the door M7F: The Omertas who set up the ambush are gone. If you give Cachino the journal back, you can help him to thwart the Family plans - solution 1. Speak with Troike and retrieve his disassembled weapons shipment from the fiends. I don't want anybody making it worse for Jo... Otherwise, you will have to return to Yes Man and opt to ignore the Omertas, if you've given up finding clues.

You'll get a gun - sit down on a coach and start a conversation.

how little we know fallout

Reloading an earlier save may fix this. Free MMO.

Pimp-Boy 3 Billion

From here Joana will thank the Courier and mention a sinister plot she's heard about from Cachino about the Omertas. For Joana: New Vegas. Take the elevator M7F: Involved in quests: And if you decide to keep the journal, scroll down to the solution 2. If you haven't complete the task, the Omertas will attack you during the final battle at Hoover Dam, however they won't use the bomb. In Big Sal's office, Big Sal will have his scripted conversation with the chair Cachino should be sitting in, and the Button Man will shoot empty air when he would usually kill Cachino.

Big Sal agreed to let Troike out of his contract. From that point on, Cachino will only say that it's time for the meeting and there's no time to talk. Either go into combat with them, or talk them into leaving with one of three checks; Strength 8, 9 , Speech 75, 85 or Barter 85 with 500 or 75 with 1000 caps.

how little we know fallout

The various Omerta thugs in the casino will kindly assist you with killing Nero.