How to become a faster rugby player

A speed program for lightning-fast rugby wingers

Develop a total-body weight lifting program. Keep moving your feet forward.

how to become a faster rugby player

This makes it much more crucial to hold onto the ball, tiring the other team on defense until a good scoring opportunity arises. Monday Strength and power complexes prime your nervous system for maximal speed and force development. But… does squatting actually improve sprint speed or is it simply a mass builder? We have created some examples of strength and conditioning programmes that will get you in peak physical condition. Whenever possible, receive and throw the ball while moving forward.

Killer Sprint Workout for Rugby - Get Faster and Improve Your Game

Add an extra lap each day you train, or add the half-field or 22-meter lines into the mix. And amid that newfound stability, Isles figured out he had a gift: Try again! General Play: Not quite!

how to become a faster rugby player

However, if you keep working on the basic skills, as well as sharpen your "rugby brain," you'll be a better rugby player in no time. More of a forward's time is going to be in the weight room than the a back's.

Speed kills: the three keys to developing blistering rugby speed

Box jumps Pull-ups Chin-up Push-ups. Importantly the stretch reflex is a skill that can be trained. Turn around and run back but, this time, bring your heels up to your butt. They like to see you be encouraging to your teammates.

Rugby Training: 2 Simple Speed Tips For Rugby Players

The most obvious of these is specificity. Gain confidence by tacking hits in practice.

how to become a faster rugby player

Adjust your grip on the ball as you catch it. Successful rugby teams are filled with players who know their role and stick to it.