How to build dog kennel in basement

how to build dog kennel in basement

Sketch the outside edges of your space. Use your ruler for every line and double check your measurements.

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Once you've determined the number and types of areas you'll need in your kennel, you're ready to move to the actual design stage. Just my two cents..... Double-stacking runs is an extremely quick way to double your capacity and useable space. Without sealing the floor well and installing a drain or two, it just wasn't feasible.

I agree with hodie. Once you've set a scale you're comfortable with, grab some graph paper, a ruler and a pen. Add necessary equipment to the sketch.

how to build dog kennel in basement

Swivel bowls in the door of each run allows for efficiently at meal times. Pencil your runs into the sketch you've been working on. Latest classifieds Super pigment male for sale Superb proven breeding female for sale!!! When you're satisfied with the final result, you're ready to move on to the next stage.

How to Design an Indoor Dog Kennel With Runs

After a suitable amount of time has passed, review the sketch again. Take a deep breath and review the rough draft sketch you've been working on.

how to build dog kennel in basement

This usually happen along the edges or seams. Research amenities to include in your design. Calvin, Let me make another suggestion then, although it is a pricey one. Rubber matting is great outdoors but you still need a place for the water and waste to run off.

There is no good solution to this except for putting in a drain, and properly sealing the floor. If necessary, recruit a friend to help you.

Even so, without great ventilation that may be impossible in this situation as well , having runs in a basement is not the greatest idea. A sample list may look like this:. Simply write down anything that comes to mind. Take a look at the kennels that Mason Company makes that install where kennels were not intended. How many dogs will you have to house at once?