How to facilitate a group dynamics

Facilitation and Group Dynamics

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how to facilitate a group dynamics

Having expectations of how a group 'should be' will get you into a lot of trouble. This helps to maintain the levels of engagement within the group, and to support different learning and communication styles.

It is the thing that's needed to get people out of routine, to stop people time wasting and to get things moving forward.

how to facilitate a group dynamics

Keep this in mind: But, thankfully most of the time they're an amorphous mass waiting to be shaped and led... Listen closely to understand a point someone is making.

That means a facilitator isn't there to give opinions, but to draw out opinions and ideas of the group members.

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Her current area of specialization is working with Information Systems project teams in the areas of project design and risk assessment. Facilitator skills and tips Here are a few more points to remember that will help to maximize your role as a facilitator: Tangents also happen because people either consciously or unconsciously start playing out particular roles.

Donate now. This includes things like:. In our experience, when this happens, it does calm people down and helps them see that there's more than one way to do things.

Improving Group Dynamics

Like so much of our work, we think that facilitation is about moving things forward. Use body language to encourage other group members to support you. Let's say you're in a meeting and a heated debate starts up about, for instance, staffing levels. Don't talk to the newsprint, blackboard or walls--they can't talk back! Our idea is that no matter what the setting, you can use it to your advantage, rather than feeling imprisoned or stuck.

Get people to draw or do mind maps. Also, walking around engages people in the process. There are many factors that impact how safe and comfortable people feel about interacting with each other and participating.

If the status of a project changes, or if you have an announcement to make, let people know as soon as possible.

how to facilitate a group dynamics