How to find placer gold in rivers

Poisonous snakes, spiders, ticks, scorpions, and the like should be treated with traditional caution; their presence should be anticipated in most areas. Seek them out and do a bit of prospecting to see if there is actually gold there.

There have been some exceptional gold nuggets found in old dredge tailing piles!

Tips of the trade: How to find gold in streams and rivers

A few important Colorado placers of the residual type are found on slopes and hillsides in the immediate vicinity of gold veins. Potholes in the bedrock foundation of a streambed have a tendency to trap gold very well.

how to find placer gold in rivers

I only know a couple guys that have actually been able to make it work. Gold tends to follow the shortest route possible between any major changes in the direction of the stream or river.

Gold Placer Prospecting

There, the Bradshaw mountains are a good place. Remember that, and never depend on your cell phone to keep you out of trouble! Crevices extending out horizontally into a riverbed can be very effective gold-catchers, because the force of water can be enough to keep the upper part of the crevice clean of material, yet the shape and depth of the crevice may prevent gold from being swept or boiled out once it is inside. Your only chance to get access to these places is to talk with the existing claim owner and see if you can work out a deal….

In the desert you will see old drywasher tailing piles scattered around in lots of places. Yes, sometimes you will find gold in areas that are unexpected, but generally speaking you will locate river gold in predictable deposit locations. You will need water-purification tablets where streams are contaminated, whether by grazing stock or for other reasons. Second hand equipment may become available at relatively low cost because of a slowdown in construction or as surplus at the end of a war.

Hello John.. Rather than digging and shoveling directly into the head of the sluice, try classifying your material into a 5-gallon bucket , and then slowly adding material with a small scoop. Ancient Tertiary channels and gravels of the Sierra Nevada Range have been especially productive sources of gold, and maps have been published by the California Division of Mines and Geology showing approximate routes of these features.

Gold prospecting is a lot more fun when you have good people around you. This is used to display charts and graphs on articles and the author center.

how to find placer gold in rivers

One of the most famous gold mines in California is the Original Sixteen to One Mine , which mines rich gold veins that run through pure white quartz.

Much depends on how the placer materials were reworked by natural forces. When rapid moving heavy waters pick up gold flake or nuggets and takes them down a watercourse, anything that slows the current down gives the gold a chance to settle out and sink to the bottom.

how to find placer gold in rivers

But the guy out there in the snow? But beware.

how to find placer gold in rivers