How to forge steel rings

Contact Forged Components at 281 441-4088 or email sales forgedcomponents. Doesn't take much steel. Ready-made base from steel manufacturers are incorporated in forged rings.

how to forge steel rings

My ring is unlined- straight Damascus with just the acid etch for a finish. The forged rings have been around for years.

how to forge steel rings

If the forged ring is classified as new material, new procedures for the welding must be developed. About 2 years ago I had a student at the local Uni come to me who wanted to forge his wedding rings because he was flat broke.

Common areas to find forged steel rings are in torsion bars, steering arms, power trains, and kingpins. If you make them from non-stainless steel you will need to protect them with some kind of surface finish, and more than likely line the inside of the ring with a sterling silver inner sleeve to prevent it from rusting when it constant contact with skin.

how to forge steel rings

It is fairly heavy and stout! Last Name. Except the coins one... Contact Forged Components, Forged Rings Manufacturer Forged Components is a forged rings manufacturer, serving clients around the world.

Guide to Understanding Forged Steel Rings

I'll keep that in mind! I don't know how to link videos from YouTube, but there are some techniques that you'd want to try before you do the tiny stuff, if you want to forge the rings. First Name. You guys have me all antsy to hammer some metal. Frank Turley.

How Forged Steel Rings Are Created and Used

You might also consider making your rings from Damascus that you can make. In order to better respond to your questions, please provide your phone number.

how to forge steel rings

I've made a couple of silver rings out of fine silver wire that I have flattened cold with the hammer. The ideal temperature is when it has started to deform in a plastic-like appearance. The Sparex will throw scale. I would like to know if since I've never worked with silver and don't have access to it currently how hard a silver ring is to make.