How to make a blue dorodango mud

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Eliminate irregularities from the mass by gently shaking it. Forgot Password? By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies, our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

how to make a blue dorodango mud

With your thumb, gently sweep the excess off, rotating the ball as you do so. Upload a picture for other readers to see. Unanswered Questions. What can I do?

This gets out air bubbles and brings tiny clay like particles to the surface. Hikaru dorodango, or "shiny dumplings" in Japanese, are spheres of dirt and mud that have been polished to a beautiful shine.

how to make a blue dorodango mud

Tape artists pull the magnetic tape out of cassettes and use it to compose a portrait of the tape's musical artist. Get a very soft cloth, and slowly begin to rub the dorodango. Is there something you're curious about?

How to make a Dorodango shiny mud ball challenge

I believe that microfiber cloths work best, but any material with a high thread count would be effective.

The ratio of water to dirt will vary depending on the type of dirt. Hold the ball in one hand and dirt in the other.

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Step 3: Roll the Dorodango on this. Download the free app. When the fine particles no longer adhere to the surface of the ball after you take it out of the bag, you're ready to begin polishing. Rub the dust into the ball.

how to make a blue dorodango mud

Things You'll Need 1 cup dirt. An artist transforms balls of dirt into beautiful, shiny spheres like none you've seen. Send us a note or email us at editors at curiosity. When it gets smooth you can start rubbing faster and harder.