How to make a pentagon shaped box

The three boxes in this project nest together or make a pretty stack. These boxes are wrapped with strips of Asante Tribe Symbols ePapers and pentagonal cutouts from the ePapers.

Pentagon Shaped Cardboard Lamp !

Adding cutouts works well; or enhance a plain box by gluing craft ribbon or paper ribbon cut from decorative paper in a band around the sides, or by lining the inside of the box. To make a five-sided box with an overlapping lid, see the Pentagon Box craft project. In conclusion, this project was fun, I loved making it and I hope you do too. You can further increase a box's durability by coating it with an acrylic varnish.

Jorikas Penolopy Bulnick Reply 11 months ago. Center and glue to what will be the outside of the box. Want other colors or patterns for your boxes? Related craft: On cardstock, use the bone folder or empty ballpoint pen to make an indent—not a cut.

Pentagon Box

There are also bonus patterns for making tall, narrow pentagon boxes. Print the box pattern on the reverse side of decorative cardstock.

how to make a pentagon shaped box

Repeat for the lid. The box patterns make graduated sizes of boxes. The patterned boxes feature Adinkra symbols from Ghana in West Africa.

Five-Sided Box with Pentagonal Top

Decorate the box any way you like. Start by cutting out the window hole in the pentagon, then cut out pieces of paper that are bigger than the holes, but smaller than the frame.

how to make a pentagon shaped box

Step 1: The patterned pentagon boxes use the same Adinkra symbols used on the Adinkra ePapers. It is an awesome project that anyone can do at home with some time, glue, cardboard and paper on their hands! Make a place to work. Score along each of the fold lines red in this illustration using a bone folder or empty ballpoint pen drawn along the edge of a ruler.

how to make a pentagon shaped box