How to merge two pen drives

how to merge two pen drives

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Merge Two Partitions on USB Drive without Data Loss

A hub, and no it wont add the separate connected USB memory sticks into a single drive - it boosts the available current to power separate USB sticks off a current limited port while designating and addressing separate drive letter designations to each of the USB ports.

The only practical way of doing this is with an archiving utility like WinZip.

how to merge two pen drives

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How To Combine Two Hard Drives To One

How to add two pendrives and make work as single pendrive. You can de-solder the memory chip from one pendrive and solder it on to the pads of other pendrive.

how to merge two pen drives

Is it possible to connect two usb memmory stick to one computer usb port with the help of a third party usb hub?. Yes but the hub allows additional unique drive addresses letters eg E: It contains two chips inside: Track this discussion and email me when there are updates.

Can I combine multiple pendrives into a single partition??

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Do you mean connect two pen drives USB memory sticks up to a computer or similar but have them only show a single drive letter and share the data?

how to merge two pen drives

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how to merge two pen drives