How to sculpt dragon feet

how to sculpt dragon feet

It does have a bit of a learning curve to working with it, as its properties were a little different from the epoxies we were used to. This fit really snug and even had to be ground back to a looser tolerance a bit to help it slide in better.

How To Build a Life-Size Dragon

I used cardboard to make his spikes and hot glued it to his face. We put the maquette onto a little Lazy Susan turntable and shot a bunch of photos all around it and uploaded it into Autodesk 123D Catch, which spit out a rough wireframe that we could import into SketchUp.

how to sculpt dragon feet

Just not when you're pouring celluclay into a bowl. If we could stab a hole in it, it needed to be ground away and patched in.

how to sculpt dragon feet

So first, if you want to place your baby dragon outside you want to use spar urethane all weather proof. That basically consisted of someone taking a large knife and stabbing the epoxy all over and in between scales to find thin spots. Here is how it works: We got big mixing tubs and put a few scoops of the folding powder in the bottom, then pull out a glob with a couple mixing sticks and set it in the powder.

I painted the highlights and color streaks onto the black-ish surface to mimic the sheen of the reference artwork provided by Capcom. Norm's note: But this monster has a lot of detail.

how to sculpt dragon feet

After some back-and-forth details of the deliverables and specifications, and some careful planning and budgeting, I was awarded the job, which would be guilt in my newly expanded shop. This just breaks up the smooth surface a bit, and looks nicer.

So I had to figure a solution that could provide that kind of detail while keeping costs reasonable. I hired my friend Alfred Peredes to sculpt a scaled maquette to match up with that printed backdrop.

I apologize that I don't have a photo of the chicken wire frame of the dragon.

I will redo the wings... You can basically take this stuff and form it into coral and use rubber stamps to give it texture. This is easier than it looks. Then I wrapped tightly some tape at the tip of his tail.

Dragon Paper Mache Sculpture

Model the base I apologize that I don't have a photo of the chicken wire frame of the dragon. At this point, I brought on more people to cover all the surface area.

how to sculpt dragon feet

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