How to use splashup layers

You will probably be amazed at what you can do with your own photos.

how to use splashup layers

You can even go full screen and give your full attention to the program. Explore more about: Faux Labs Splashup. A Beginner's Guide to Image Se... I gave up photoshop a few years ago and have been using gimp and paint.

Image Editing with Splashup (Tutorial for Beginners)

At the very bottom it still says Exit Fauxto. The undo capability does not go back as far as Adobe's Photoshop. Previous Previous post: Make an Ad Banner Wisely. Splash Up is no exception.

I love designing logos, backgrounds which end up as wallpapers and I don't think that SplashUp will hook me to it.

how to use splashup layers

For people that don't use Photoshop, you could try pic nik online, more simpler. Cut-Out Letters: Therefore, you can use the program whether you are connected to the Internet or not. Can you help me Please? If you are completely new to photo editing software, take some time to figure out what all the features and effects are capable of. When I try now, it doesn't work for me either.

Splashup Online Photo Editor

Scroll down for the next article. I'm definitely gonna try it out.

how to use splashup layers

The Layers window is one of the most powerful tools. Cons Speed and reliability issues Relatively few effects; no online help. More impressive are features that are standard in traditional desktop image editors but still refreshing surprises on the Web.

Splash Up vs. Photoshop

How to rotate picture in Splashup? While Splashup is feature rich, you won't get as many options or capabilities as you would using a premium photo editing tool.

Selections with Splashup

You can start with a blank image or open images from your browser, your Splashup, Facebook, Flickr or Picasa accounts or using a mundane URL to an image of your choice. However, you should be sure to save your work frequently when working on Splash Up. What I found a bit confusing though is that boxes, circles, and polygons added to a layer will melt with it and can not be selected or moved afterwards.