Howl review summoners war

Description, multipliers, cooltime and powerup of Lulu's skills.

Fire Howl (Lala)

February 22, 2019. Lulu, Water Howl is the best Howl and one of the greatest supports you can get in low and mid game but we suggest you to keep it until she reach 4 stars lvl 30 without pushing any further.

howl review summoners war

DB10 Auto Ch16: Skill 3: Konamiya and Belladeon instead are 6 stars worthy and late-game must-have. Lala fire Howl Type: Arena Offense 3.

GW: Requiem vs Immortals / Lulu vs Mo Long

Rift Dungeon — Wind Beast. Rating by users: Awakened Name: Lulu water Howl Type: Xiong Fei NB8 Ch19: Farming 2. Awakened New Skill: Great when you need tons of heal and reasonable removal.

Good monster. Your opinions. Latest Guides! Gb10 Auto Ch13: Grants immunity on the allies who had no harmful effects for 2 turns.

Water Howl (Lulu)

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howl review summoners war

Reusable in 5 turns. DB10 Auto Ch16: Step-by-Step, Chapter 25: Leave a Response.

howl review summoners war

February 22, 2019. Reusable in 5 turns Lv. Rift Dungeon — Ice Beast.