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StillSecure recently launched Safe Access, which is a utility that ensures endpoint devices are secure and adhere to your specified security policies.

Testing the genera- tor that way, without connecting to an exter- nal load the equipment in the data center itself , puts extra strain on it. According to David Daoud of IDC, Toshiba's Tecra notebook is designed for the small to medium-sized enterprise and boasts that it is not only lightweight but also dockable.

Sony also released two new IP-based videoconferencing systems: Search the history of over 349 billion web pages on the Internet. Frederick Felman, senior vice president of marketing at Tenebril, says that the Internet has become fertile ground for marketers seeking an advertising edge, often resorting to insidious data collection techniques to target prospective buyers more effectively.

HP N4000 (rp7405/rp7410, N-Class)

The components, customizable via SIP, include unified messaging and multi- media collaboration. For IT administrators, the system is deployed transparently without changes to servers, applications, authentica- tion, or workflow. SMA's expertise is delivering enterprise automation solu- tions worldwide. Is this cost in the hundreds of thousands? The reports even provide data on the person within a department who is using a Ricoh device the most, based on IP Address.

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The company recently launched a Bluetooth-monitoring solution called Bluewatch for PDAs, which helps detect inse- cure Bluetooth devices. Drives install directly to the chassis backplane; no internal cables are required. With BindView, customers are in control of their security policies and procedures, with capabilities to help ensure successful IT audits and compliance. If you use a WAN, the Internet, an intranet portal, and telephones to take cus- tomer orders, build the same infrastructure at your backup facility.

HP N4000 (rp7400, N-Class)

The Asus ZenBook 13 is a classy Core i5 ultraportable that's priced aggressively. According to BOXX, the two xl6 slots each provide xl6 speeds. What's more realistic is that Lenovo will have a grace period of one or two years while IT managers assess the effects of the IBM sell-off.

Discrete graphics, an unusual screen aspect ratio, and a tempting price make Huawei's MateBook 13 ultraportable worth a look for traveling execs or even light gamers. I was able to mm William Bill Vaughn is an industry -recognized author, mentor, and subject-matter expert with more than 30 years in the computing industry as a developer, manager, trainer, marketer, and writer.

Smart advertisers realized that the more context they could add to advertising, the greater ROI they could get on their market- ing efforts. Subscribe The Very Best Laptops. Novell's two remaining claims accuse Microsoft of unfair competition in regard to the WordPerfect and Quattro Pro applications, which Novell sold to Corel in 1996. A generator allows you to be out two to three days, so you're not losing money.

Identify and appoint a cross-functional team and a recovery team.