Jay howden tumblr quotes

This Nexus would create a new breed of champions.

blake daniels

Filter by post type All posts. Log in Sign up. The two muscle boys from the Northeast had extensive wrestling experience but nothing compared to this. Jason Lei Howden. This was much better than what he had expected.

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He just reacted. The energy and sheer passion between them was too intense, too powerful, too attractive to just end it.

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Blake threw his head back, his body slumping, the energy leaving his body. None of what was around could be used for any permanent damage. The fact was, that there was a long line of guys waiting to come in and Blake felt like this was his last chance.

jay howden tumblr quotes

The young blonde man noticed that Blake was already going up the stairs. A hot, humid, wet and dirty jungle. The muscle grinding was intense, the action slowly increasing in speed.

jay howden tumblr quotes

The muscular and exposed legs and the barely covered gorgeous muscle ass aiming straight at him, on hands and knees.

Blake was pissed off now. The guests loved the wrestling, the muscular bodies grinding on each other, on the perpetual and eternal game of give and take.

jay howden tumblr quotes

One from California , the other from the United Kingdom. But not for the 20th version of The Kings Nexus. No referee to check for a pin.

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Besides he was sure that the tree house was close by. In the Nexus everyone was free and raw and real.

jay howden tumblr quotes

I promise. His sweat covered face grimaced, as the black hunk grunted with every move. The only thing left was to walk towards the tree house and take one of the four golden Talisman with the Emerald , representing A winner of the Kings of the Jungle. Daniel Ladinsky, p.