Jjcc where you at dance practice clothing

Mak lists a few other things that get him down: This video by two young American bloggers illustrates the expanding appeal of K-pop and how it is destined to outlive Psy's viral hit Gangnam Style. MXM First U. Some of Mak's photos show his bed covered in presents: That kind of height is unusual, and therefore prized, in Asia.

And, apparently in line with common practice for the country's music industry, when the Australian signed up to join the newly formed group JJCC pronounced Double JC he dutifully handed in his phone to his manager, along with control over just about every aspect of his life. Mak, born and raised in Sydney, now lives in South Korea and belongs to an elite group of good-looking, talented, young K-pop stars. I've listed to his songs since I was pretty young.

As an English speaker, Mak has had plenty of opportunities with Arirang, the Korean government broadcaster whose job is to promote its culture abroad. Right now, it's snowing in Seoul, but when the weather is milder, the members keep fit by running by the Han river.

JJCC releases dance practice video for “Fire”

He only confessed that he was studying music at the university of New South Wales more than a year later. In return, the fans devour with a ferocious appetite the band's never-ending stream of digital content: And I used to dance to them for popping and locking.

Mak, now 25, returns to Sydney next month for the first time in four years to perform with his band on a double bill with the six-piece Boyfriend at Carriageworks for Chinese New Year.

jjcc where you at dance practice clothing

See Now: And you have to shave. There isn't a lot of free time, and when they get it, the band scatters. It was kind of weird at first, but also kind of cool. The fact that Mak is so new to K-pop is just one of many things that sets him apart from his band members.

Besides studying music, Mak is an accomplished hip-hop dancer, previously teaching at the Crossover studio in Sydney, and has studied acting at the Actors College of Theatre and Television. Chan is a well-established musical star in his own right and has poured his numerous resources and connections into the band, employing some of the region's top stylists, choreographers and songwriters. When Mak signed up he knew it would be challenging but it has turned out to be more difficult than he expected in a completely different way.

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Australian K-pop star Prince Mak on the price of fame

K-pop provides Mak opportunities that didn't exist in Australia. He also described how hard it was to learn Korean, and how even things like going to practice a dance routine is different now that JJCC is on people's radar.

jjcc where you at dance practice clothing

But these are not the words of someone truly unhappy. He frets about seeing his mum after so long, and wonders if he could spend a day working as a waiter in the family restaurant when he comes back, "like I did when I was kid".

jjcc where you at dance practice clothing

I'm half a planet away from my family, here all by myself.