Lapierre zesty 514 eisenhower

Ei aside, the Zesty 514 is a very capable machine that will happily claw its way up the steepest, most technical climbs or hammer challenging, technical descents with relative ease.

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Skip Ad. Lapierre Zesty 514. Zesty 514 13 Built by: BikeRadar ratings 5. Share on Facebook.

lapierre zesty 514 eisenhower

BH Lynx 6 - First ride. Deals Find a deal: And how does the Ei system enhance the experience?

lapierre zesty 514 eisenhower

Thankfully, we found the sweet spot just in time to hit Gwydyr Forest on day three. Scott Genius LT 40.

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A lockout button is included to prevent any accidental tampering while riding, which we found handy — especially when shifting our hands around the bar when climbing. Getting to grips with the Ei system was relatively straightforward, and setup took no time at all; the controls are nicely intuitive and easy to understand. As speed increases, the 67-degree head angle becomes more valuable, keeping you on line as the trails try to take you out. While travel is only 140mm, the Zesty feels more controlled than most 150mm machines Dave Caudery.

Find a deal: Key to this Zesty is the Ei technology.

We'd love to hear what you think. We search dozens of online bike shops so you don't have to. The ei system includes a servo motor on the shock that adjusts compression settings: Lapierre have lowered the seat tube height, to improve clearance with a dropper post, and have stiffened up the bottom bracket area to improve pedalling efficiency.

lapierre zesty 514 eisenhower

Submit Feedback. Lapierre Price: The bar-mounted remote sits right next to the grip for easy access, and toggling through the menus is a doddle. Smooth and surefooted without losing speed While the shock is softer through the start of the stroke than before, it still pedals smoothly and stably.

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