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What does Who'll Stop The Rain mean? Remember Me. In fact, the band 'jammed together' at his wedding. Social Groups. Charles Manson's crazy ass had to go and ruin "Helter Skelter" for everyone by tryin to start a race war...

CCR Drummer Doug Clifford On What 'Who'll Stop The Rain' Really Means

I always thought it was about Hurricane Camille that killed 160 people in Virginia in 1969. Originally Posted by Pirate526. He spent the seventies turning his back on his own back catalogue because he had to surrender royalties to get out of his contract with Fantasy. It gets the juices flowing.

John Fogerty’s Rain

General Comment It is a beautiful song, with a very political meaning. Oct 2008 Posts: Get MP3 from Amazon. Who'll Stop The Rain. Heard the singers playin', how we cheered for more.

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It's a rhetoric question, because its always been like this, and it always will be. Dissing the Despots - Songs that insult notorious dictators and other unpopu... Fogherty is extremely political, like John Mellencamp.

We don't know or care about our own hisory, much less that of those our government calls "enemies".

In retrospect, playing Woodstock was just an amazing event, something that never will happen again as proven by the 25 th anniversary of Woodstock.

That is the song about Vietnam. Login Create Account. The crowd had rushed together trying to keep warm. Your phone number: I agree with roq on the analysis of the rain and the references to Woodstock -- the imagery he used in the song may very well have been inspired by that scene while he applied the imagery to something with more political overtones.