Nurses who circumcise boys

Can you explain that? Fergusson, D. Retrieved from https: Effect of parental education on decision-making about neonatal circumcision.

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Acta Paediatrica, 99 , 1418-1424. That study was not able to determine the long term effects related to continuation and duration of breastfeeding.

nurses who circumcise boys

The type of device used will depend on what the surgeon prefers, and how he or she was trained. Frisch, M. From the frenulum, there is a band of tissue called the rigded band.

Binner, S. Regardless of which device is used, all circumcisions are performed in a similar fashion.

nurses who circumcise boys

I developed a teaching curriculum and decision making program for parents who were deciding if they wanted to circumcise their newborn son or leave him natural otherwise known as: Comment 10 Likes. If the gauze pad or the diaper do stick to his penis, gently rinse with warm water to loosen the gauze pad or diaper before removing. The skin that covers that head of the penis the glans provides protection, lubrication, and sensation and is called the foreskin or the prepuce.

Parents can easily teach their sons how to clean his penis, just as they will teach him to wash under his arms, behind his ears, and brush his teeth. The foreskin allows the glans to remain a sensitive and moist surface.

nurses who circumcise boys

This is the most painful part of the procedure for the baby Howard et al. Exposure of the glans is an adult sexual function.

Why does a midwife with 3 daughters care about infant male circumcision?

I would dip my finger in sugar water and encourage them to suckle. However, you must call the doctor right away if the gauze pad is soaked with blood or if there is enough blood to have soaked into his diaper, rather than just a smear on the diaper surface.

nurses who circumcise boys

There is no need to clean under the foreskin before retraction has naturally occurred. AAP, 2012 The manufacturers of the Mogen clamp were sued and went out of business due to repeated complaints of glans amputation or partial amputation.

nurses who circumcise boys

Pediatrics, 71 , 233-234 Howard, C. Mastro, T. Do not try to clean this from his penis. Well over a hundred baby boys had their penises cut to the sound of my voice and the suckle of my finger. Wang, M.