Prefijo san juan capital of what country

prefijo san juan capital of what country

In summary, sequence for a call to a cell phone or Code to call Venezuela Cell , is: How dial to Uruguay from the United States. Easy, Fast and safe. Now you have to look at the following list of prefixes CODE city area to complete your International dialing Venezuela.

prefijo san juan capital of what country

If you do not know I put down the codes to call each City Venezuela. The first thing you need to know to know as dialing from the US to Venezuela The following codes are:.

prefijo san juan capital of what country

Since you have clear how it works dialing USA to Venezuela. You have to mark them in that order and so simple you'll know how to check for Venezuela. The 58 is the code Venezuela. These cards are available in supermarkets, the price depends on the minutes offers, and can be used from a payphone.

How dial to Venezuela from United States

How dial to Venezuela from United States. If you are in the United States and want to call Venezuela to communicate with family and friends. They offer an affordable service and is an alternative for use in lines that do not have international call service, also, They can also be used to make the call from a cell phone. Use Cliqa and save a lot of money.

You can install the app on your cell Cliqa and from there to buy airtime for international calls. Next Next post: Ready can now call all your friends and family, also meet all your business, who they are in this beautiful country. So, as it is dialing a cell, we mark the 4 and finally the complete number. Being the 011 the code for international calls from United States. Then you have to put the code of the city where you gonna call. Skip to content.