Taraweeh how many rakats

However, these people object to the number of Rakaahs. Log in Create new account Random Question.

taraweeh how many rakats

Umar led the Taraweeh Prayer in Masjid an-Nabawi for twenty rakats in the final times of his caliphate. The Prophet SAW then led us in prayer on the 23rd, 25th and 27th night.

How many rakats are there in a Tarawih prayer according to Sunnah?

Is my roza complete without a taraweeh prayer? After the period of Four Caliphs, no one objected to observing the Taraweeh prayer for twenty rakats. Hence not only do they deprive themselves from the rewards of the entire twenty Rakaats, they also mislead other simpleminded people who are unaware of the facts and deprive them as well.

taraweeh how many rakats

Sunnah what Prophet Muhammad said, did or conducted. Share this: Therefore, we find that the four great Imaams of the four Maddhabs, despite a number of minor differences among them on the interpretation and application of various aspects, are unanimous that Taraweeh is twenty Rakaats. Also is taraweeh sunnah or wajeeb? In the third century A. You make the decision. Sharah Muslim Nawawi vol 1, p253.

taraweeh how many rakats

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taraweeh how many rakats

I want to ask a question. Please let us know in detail with historical background from the life of Prophet Salallaho-alaihi-wasallam, Sahaba and aur Bujurgaan-e-deen.

How many rakats should we pray in taraweeh prayer?

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Is Taraweeh read after Isha in the other months of the year apart from Ramadhan? Reproduced after review from one of our answering faculty from the link: Usually the narration of Aisha RA is used to support the view that Taraweeh of 8 Rakats is sufficient.

taraweeh how many rakats

Scholars depend acted upon this hadith of the Prophet pbuh regarding this issue: They would not create innovative practices in the Deen.