What does retain length means

what does retain length means

Related Posts:. This of course is dependent on how much you comb, manipulate, heat style, and style your hair. If you want to style it, use a bit of light oil like tea tree or jajoba oil.

4 Reasons Why You Stopped Retaining Length

If you grew up having your mother yank and tug your kinky hair into little elastic bands with balls on the ends, those days are over and done. But like I said how much protein your hair needs is based on your hair care practices like how often you use heat, comb, or style your hair. I had an episode a few months ago where I kind of slacked off my protein treatments, and my hair suffered for it.

Many talk about our hair having a terminal length which I do not believe in btw , but there are many factors that tie into hair growth and length retention. Simply implementing a deep conditioning regime is a great first step in the right direction. Jonna Scott Blakes.

what does retain length means

After 4 Years Of Blogging …. At night, always wrap your hair in a scarf or a small satin or silk bonnet to help protect your hair while you sleep.

what does retain length means

I realized that my hair had gotten weaker, and I had to step up my protein game. Here are some things I do to retain my length, which results in the noticeable changes in length:. All of these actions can lead to limp, weak hair and when stretched beyond its limits literally snaps.

There are so many styling options for hair of all lengths which are equally fierce and fabulous!

The Difference Between Hair Growth and Retaining Length

So when chunks of hair start disappearing a few months after giving birth, it can be a lot to handle. Retaining length means you are properly maintaining the half inch of hair growth each month to see a considerable difference over time.

what does retain length means

In this natural hair game, people will tell you that you need to trim every three months or whenever! Four years!

what does retain length means

January 25, 2019 0 Comments Are you finding that your natural hair is super dry not matter what you do with it?