What is a reclosing relay

Permanent faults, such as broken conductors, and faults on underground cable sections , must be located and repaired before the supply can be restored.

RC automatic reclosing relays

Stan Thompson - Product manager For those who operate power transmission and distribution networks, the overriding requirements are safety and minimising network downtime.

A much more effective strategy is to isolate the affected part of the network and then, after a short delay, re-energise it to determine whether the fault has cleared.

what is a reclosing relay

Aside from ease of use, an important benefit of the ERTS and SMRT combination is that, unlike other options for recloser testing, it fully supports both single-phase and three-phase reclosers, and it allows the operation of the auto-reclose controller and the recloser itself to be checked and verified. The system is fully automatic and does not require any human operation, neither for the first activation; more, it's possible to drive the motor from a remote position, giving a signal for closing and getting the RCD status information.

what is a reclosing relay

Heavy Haul. In addition, using auto-reclosers makes it easier to operate substations unattended. Read more on our cookie policy. Member company of.

Definition of automatic reclosing relays

Improved customer satisfaction, as power interruptions are shorter. However, this arrangement cannot be used where more than one connection is made to a mesh corner. Automatic opening of the motorised transformer isolator IT1 follows this. Each transformer therefore has an alternative source of supply in the event of loss of one or other of the feeders.

Auto-recloser whys and wherefores

Designed to sit between the auto-recloser and an SMRT relay test set, this novel instrument will accepts standardised 14-pin, 19-pin and 32-pin cables, and will allow the signals they carry to be quickly and easily patched through to the inputs and outputs of the SMRT test set. After the first one or two shots, the protection switches to a slow operating curve to ensure that the fuse DOES blow, as the fault is considered to be permanent, and the fuse must isolate the faulty circuit so that power can be restored to the rest of the system.

what is a reclosing relay

Unleash your potentials. In contrast, with single pole types, only the faulted phase is disconnected.

Automatic Reclosing Relay (DRA)

Each line circuit breaker is provided with an auto-reclose relay that recloses the appropriate circuit breakers in the event of a line fault. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website.

what is a reclosing relay

Faults on overhead lines fall into one of three categories: In these settings, 79OI1 is the open interval before the first reclose attempt, and is set to 120 cycles, or two seconds. Sign up. Nevertheless, faults will inevitably occur, so any device that will help to minimise the impact of these faults will achieve ready acceptance.

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