What the fat 12 bpb

Bits 4-6: If zero, this is a subcomponent of a long name. The total number file name entries that can be stored in the root folder of the volume.

what the fat 12 bpb

The size of the FAT table is considerable, since it contains an entry for each cluster. FAT32 directories are cluster chains. Length of Field. High Byte: Using the FAT entry there, we are sent to cluster 38. Bytes should not be used.

FAT Boot Sector and BPB

Number of File Allocation Tables, typically 2. FAT 32 root directories make use of the reserved space to add the date the file was last accessed and the day and time of the last modification.

Each directory has two entries ".. Count of hidden sectors preceeding the partition that contains the FAT volume. To explain the function of the latter, we best use a simple example:. For FAT32, this field should be zero. Cluster number of the first cluster of the root directory.

The last to final field gives the address of the first cluster. If the number is larger, then the bootstrap code does not fit in the allotted space in the partition boot sector. They also needed to avoid disk utilities misdiagnosing long filename information as repaired directory fields. There are utilities that translate the contents of the BPB directly.

Either this field or the one at 0x13 is zero, depending on whether the number fits in the first field. In the example from above, there are 16 sectors in a cluster.

what the fat 12 bpb

This provides redundancy against corruption. For FAT32 volumes, this number is set to zero.

what the fat 12 bpb

Indicates where FAT should look for free clusters. Entry order number in sequence of long directory entries. Thus, the rest of the file starts in sector 36. Thus, for FAT32 the total count of sectors.

what the fat 12 bpb

For example, activity during the time that the owner of a workstation was not present can indicate malicious activity.