Where to give pokemon massages platinum

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The time now is 11: Note that, although the process of cloning does work in Platinum, you will not be able to retrieve the clone. However, in countering this, the game corner machines now give from 5 to 20 game corner coins each day. The house should include the girl, her brother, and a wingull I think. This is handy if you wish to expand your greetings in-game.

Veilstone City

On Saturdays and Sundays, he will be willing to battle against you. Even if the soothe bell doesn't work as intended, I still don't understand why I needed so many steps to reach max level.

At a base happiness of 70, I should not have needed 48,000 steps to get the 2 big hearts to show up. Well, first, hatched pokes have 120 happiness, so it might have been a better idea to evolve it in the original game, before trading it, which gets happiness reset to base 70. These berries are the rare berries that lower damage from certain type attacks whenever you get hit by those types so they certainly are a handy thing for you to have.

where to give pokemon massages platinum

In the restaurant in the Grand Lake Hotel, you will see a variety of double battle trainers. Choose a video to embed.

Massage Girl

There is no Veilstone City. Up to four of these trainers appear each day and you can battle them only once a day. Often, a combination of Egg moves is only possible with the use of a Smeargle as the male parent.

where to give pokemon massages platinum

Similar Threads where is the massage place in pokemon platinum By Guest 1353 in forum Guests. So I immediately slapped on the soothe bell and started riding around. You can fight Interviewers by the counter in the Pokemon Center.

where to give pokemon massages platinum

GameFreak Genre: Probably at the red-light district of your town. Aeres116699 Aeres116699 9 years ago 2 Kinky. Not all machines will give you these but they will each day so be sure to go back.