Who makes 243 wssm uppers

Cheaper and more available than 6.

who makes 243 wssm uppers

Since it appears to me that the patent deals very oddly with a mathematical formula, rather than a specific, tangible thing one would build. Includes one 6-round magazine.

WSSM Uppers

Lastly, better available steel for barrels busts the myth of barrel erosion from a mechanical perspective. The distributors who have heard of it have never seen it, and others have never heard of it. Last edited by Armorer; 11-13-2007 at 01: One major question on my mind for you at this point is barrel length and muzzle brake.

who makes 243 wssm uppers

Posting Rules You may not post new threads. The main thing I'd discovered was that at 18" the resnonance tapper to a point within the muzzle-- dissipated by the vortek, and actually helped to harmonically break up the rifles muzzle signature.

JARD J18 AR-15 (WSSM Calibers)

I do shoot alongside other divisions and see a fair number of different rifles. Last edited by ridgerunner665; 11-12-2007 at 07: While long range shooters and hunters were, and are, focused on traditional bolt action feed issues, the mechanical performance failings of the 243 WSSM are simply solved by introducing it into a modern sporting action.

who makes 243 wssm uppers

Read into that what you will, but it tells me that there could be some truth to this whole settlement agreement with Winchester which appears confidential. I leave you to make your own judgment. On my last build, I used an 18" steel-in-the-white, lined, Sabre Defence barrel.

K8MAGUR243: 24" .243 WSSM Upper Conversion Receiver Assembly

The light recoil and flat trajectory makes precision far easier in my opinion. Then essentially you've made up your mind-- my point about handloading with. It is far more costly to design and manufacture a new receiver format than a new cartridge.

who makes 243 wssm uppers

Apart from the guys stretching their Service Rifles, I don't see any 22 inch barrels. The 243WSSM is next on the list. A little more thought could have gone into the magazine to solve the issue with the A-Bolt. The time now is 03: With cycling problems solved, it provides one of the highest velocity options in the AR-15 platform: Secondly, in order to get the best burn rates and pressures from any of the propellants used, it meant it usually was accompanied by high heat.