Albrecht heine what really matters karen

albrecht heine what really matters karen

Goulet, Richard. He presents Origen as a living paradigm of the life he taught drawing his students into the intimacy of divine relationship.

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A Quest for the Holy Man. Origenes als Philologe.

albrecht heine what really matters karen

The same could be said of the reported letters of Origen that are preserved in Eusebius and other ancient authors.

They each contributed to the expansion of the library at Caesarea and its production and reproduction of texts. The probability of multiple versions and recensions of both works makes their compositional interrelationship difficult to sort out definitively see Burgess 1997; Barnes 2009; Nuffelen 2005. Monaci Castagno, Adele.

albrecht heine what really matters karen

This is followed by a survey and analysis of the major, ancient autobiographical and biographical sources. Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae, 107. Since a teacher of the same name also taught Plotinus in Alexandria, scholars have long debated whether the same Ammonius taught both men.

At this time critical scholarship focused on Eusebius the historian and leveled a negative assessment against his work: In 393, he composed On Illustrious Men, a collective biography of Christian men modeled on the work of Suetonius. Cambridge University Press.

Jerome has already been discussed above in relation to his criticisms of Origenism and Rufinus. Gymnastics of the Mind: De Gruyter.

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The church historian Socrates Scholasticus ca. Sources Today the study of the life of Origen is dominated by two sources—one ancient, and one modern.

albrecht heine what really matters karen

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