Car makes rattling noise when accelerating

Your car can vibrate, shake, and create various types of noises for different reasons.

car makes rattling noise when accelerating

Engine rattling noises can be annoying and expensive to fix. On the flip side, a common engine rattling noise when the engine is hot is so very minor.

A basic oil change is the main prevention method. Was this answer helpful? Loud squealing or rattling is coming from engine Inspection.

car makes rattling noise when accelerating

Car is making a noise Inspection. Sign in. CFJ Kenya. Warnings Never attempt to inspect or repair the exhaust system when the engine is running or has been recently running.

When accelerating my car makes a rattling noise. This might be long.

My car is making a rattling noise when accelerating.

I have Toyota Etios liva when I m driving my car and pressing accelerator my car is giving high sound including when I m increase or decrease gears also. Inspect your exhaust system from front to back. These shields prevent heat transfer into the cabin of the vehicle, the fuel lines and even the gas tank. What are you waiting for? Its honeycomb-style core superheats unburned gases in the exhaust before it leaves the tailpipe.

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Member Of: These components act as a thermo-reflective barrier between the exhaust system and other parts including gas tank, fuel lines, and the cabin of a car. Others How to buy.

car makes rattling noise when accelerating

Get your guaranteed offer now. The engine lifters — small hydraulic parts that open and close the engine valves — need engine oil to do their job. D H Mukuwa.

car makes rattling noise when accelerating

If you have an older vehicle with a distributor ignition system, check your engine's spark timing.