Company of heroes 25 pounder howitzer

25 Pounder Gun Howitzer

The barrage ability actually comes from your own base directly, because when the British tech-up everytime they receive a passive 25 pounder artillery battery that comes with the new building.

However, the Overwatch Barrage order will not cancel itself. Do you think the 25 pounders of the British army are OK? It fires a powerful barrage of 150mm projectiles at decent ranges.

25 pounder of the British army

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company of heroes 25 pounder howitzer

Both were able to successfully engage any tank the enemy could throw at them. Inaddition your teammates will also be able to see the enemy in the fog of war.

company of heroes 25 pounder howitzer

Yeah usually you'll want to go with anvil tactics for this doctrine, but its optional you can go hammer if you want to. Many people underestimate the usefulness of this little tank. Maybe some doctrines and tactics benefit a bit more from it than the others but it should always be a viable option.

Company of Heroes HD - 25 Pounder v AT Infantry

At least the 25-pounder strike is pretty cheap. They are definitely not strong, but they have some uses.

Company of Heroes

This will surely leave the enemy base in ruins, potentially destroying their headquarters as well. Artillery is not just an offensive weapon - it can be used defensively in several different ways, all of which are designed to stop or destroy an enemy unit that has made contact with your forward defenses, or is trying to slip through them. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

company of heroes 25 pounder howitzer

I like firespark's ideas. Check it out here Tips for beginners and wannabe pro's. In the real world, it was possible to tow the gun around the battlefield, using trucks, tractors or tanks.