Cross days endings wikihow

Finalize the logistics for the race day. In some routes Yuuki is also a cross-dresser, as seen in the title picture. Cross Days Kotonoha stands behind Roka, who is beside the red-haired Yuuki. Don't be an idiot- spar with your buddies to gain experience and learn what works vs what doesn't work. Before she can answer though, Ai came in looking for Makoto to tell him that the Kagura was delayed but can't find him, leaving in annoyance.

All of the extra fiber from the fruit could hinder your digestion. Each drink has differing levels of carbohydrates, proteins, and electrolytes. Bring your hand down to your sternum. Ahaow do I calm myself so that I could do well? Run at high speed for one minute followed by two minutes of slow running or walking.

Youko then proposes that a shocked Sekai join them and become pregnant too.

This pisses off Roka who slaps Yuuki and calls him stupid. When in doubt, observe your neighbors or refer to the missal provided by the church. Help answer questions Learn more. Four months later Makoto and Hikari wake up in the morning. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 15.

cross days endings wikihow

Such superstition has been overcome these days and if not, change whom you're getting advice from as they are still in the Dark Ages. You should keep your lists of people and actions secret. Roka and Kotonoha team up to reconcile with their crushs.

cross days endings wikihow

It's possible when you are fit and healthy, and have trained properly. Though thinking about a potential relationship with someone can help you understand your feelings for that person, this is only a game. Maintain a well balanced stance. Yamagata tries to lead Makoto to the rest room.

Cross Days

For every cup of coffee, soda, or alcohol that you drink, match it with a glass of water. As a result, Hikari receives some backlash from her classmates because of Nanami and Sekai partly because she is spied on by Sekai during a conversation where Hikari tells Yuuki she does not believe Makoto truly cares for Sekai.

Kotonoha responds happily.

cross days endings wikihow