F18 sailing tips on how two

Mar 2006 Posts: Anyway that was my little rant - I hope hobiecat eu are listening and do something about it. I think "GPS- verified 30 knots" is just a sales pitch, but the GPS has probably logged 30knots for them at some time. However, they can serve as a very useful de-powering adjustment when over powered going upwind.

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This adjustment is made on the land by turning the bottle screw at the base of the diamond spreaders. Does this mean you have found your unit to be accurate most of the time Mike? May 2005 Posts: Such angles of attack are typically only found on upwind legs and I've never been able to fly the spi there.

Tiger 1228's crew has had this discussion about reefing the jib on light days going downwind.

The mainsail be as flat as a board which is critical to depower them. That is why the French built the ditch for speed runs, to keep the waves to a minimum.

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f18 sailing tips on how two

In the ocean where there are already "seas" and you find wind waves to add to the seas, a 20' beachcat has a lot of trouble getting past any SUSTAINED speeds of 18 knots. I doubt it.

Supercat 17 main sheet question by Luiz. The Fleetsweeper Efficiency, optimal use, new ideas, best materials. Can anybody, who has bought it tell me how it performs in the real life? Regional or Association Forums.

f18 sailing tips on how two

Google [Bot] and 0 guests. Greg Thomas. So let's have it, how fast is the F18!?: I suspect the damage was done earlier when on the other tack and crashing directly into the waves.

f18 sailing tips on how two

Delray Catsailors Yacht Club. Cunningham Downhaul.

f18 sailing tips on how two

Then fasten in the grub screws into the flexible rubber joints and the job is done ensuring that the tiller cross bar is equi-distant from the rudder arms. Post subject: