Fly take me where moonlight smells like

And as the peak-hour traffic jams below Someone gets the story, somebody spread the rumour People come and go.

The Most Disturbing Song Lyrics You've Ever Heard.

I took my baby to a movie show I took my baby to a movie show I took my baby to a movie show Saw a guy O. Since we're on the topic of slipknot, they recently updated their site, they got some nice flash goin on.

fly take me where moonlight smells like

Bound to go where the wind blows Bound to serve the unreal Bound to dwell in deep waters Greed and fear cast their seal. How could you dare to let me dream? One moment of sun Breathe it and be drown Having broken lines that have been to straight We stop walking and look around.

fly take me where moonlight smells like

Self Titled , You're Thirteen. Girl when you gonna settle down, and make your mama proud? Thats why mommy left us.

To our heaven there are stairs If we want it to be like that And reality is just An illusion that we must Soon return to, yes, but not yet. Oh but I, I wanna be your child again. So when we meet up in the sky so blue will you remember I was good to you? Falling astray, falling astray faster Only to see how….

It was never ever easy Going inside her mind Going into the Mexican wedding of her fevered brain. Dead are the places where this goddess has been Cold is the skin that this creature has seen Her universe is an ocean of blood Her dining table the cradle of mud.

fly take me where moonlight smells like

Hush little girl, there is no reason to fret - tonight Don't mind the smoke, daddy just wants to forget - tonight Soon it will all be like it was before Any minute, she will walk throught that fornt door... Scooter "Thirty-four character limit?

But sooner or later we all have to try.

fly take me where moonlight smells like

What do I know about you How did I find out? Yeah fuck you!

fly take me where moonlight smells like

I'm right here... One of my friends turned me on to him a while ago, that's some damn funny shit. Fucked with a knife is a fucked up song. There will be nothing to lose but your fear So come on — and follow me now.

As I grab the glock, put it to your headpiece One in the chamber, the safety is off release Straight at your dome homes, I wanna see cabbage brains Biggie Smalls a savage, doin your brain cells much damage Teflon is the material for the imperial mic ripper girl stripper the Henny sipper I drop lyrics off and on like a lightswitch Quick to grab the right bitch and make her drive the Q... Can't what for the new cd.

When I close my eyes to sleep I see your smiling face and every time you leave, it gets harder to stay it gets harder to keep turning you away to keep turning you away. Pray to the gods I have sold in this game of live and let die Pray for my soul in this world to deliver me from my sins Pray….