Hifonics brutus 2000 watt amp specs howard

Ported will give you more output at certain frequencies.

Brutus BRX

I understand you may not have a lot of money to spent on everything, but quality should be a factory when you are spending your money on product. I am curious as to how much amp and what brand would be best for these subs.

hifonics brutus 2000 watt amp specs howard

As misleading as it may look on your amp, your amp is actually a mono amp. Did the price catch your eye? I have one Rockford 600w 4 channel pushing 4 door speakers and 1 Zapco mono 1100.

hifonics brutus 2000 watt amp specs howard

Thank you for helping. Convection Remote Controls: I like the tight punchy bass, but also would like a little rumble as well. Want to use a stock HU that only has front door speakers and will be replacing the stock speakers with aftermarket and adding a sub.

If you REALLY wanted to get down to 2 ohms, the only okay way to do that so you still have a proper left and right audio signal is to parallel your front left and rear left and then parallel your front right and rear right and then you could run that to the front left and right channels of your 4 channel amp.

2 Ohm, 4 Ohm, 1 Ohm, what’s the difference?

Is it basically the same as a 4 ohm and work the same with everything? Posted on Mar 28, 2007. N thanks.

Hifonics Brutus 25th anniversary 2000watt

Annie, I appreciate your help. Posted on Mar 27, 2008. I hope that clears it up for you.

hifonics brutus 2000 watt amp specs howard

I have a soundstream 10. Kicker recommends 0 gauge for that amp. It came with one resister and i lost it and i can't find the instructions. Those two different Champion subs have different power handling, which means different frequency response and efficiency. By the way, the only rating that is good meaning that it doesn't lower my over-all rating is a FixYa!

hifonics brutus 2000 watt amp specs howard

I just need to find the right amp and how to hook it up my self.