How do i build ash warframe

how do i build ash warframe

If used during sliding , Blade Storm seems to use a shorter version of finishing animations, which reduces total animation time. Vitality — Extra health to survive longer.

how do i build ash warframe

Melee damage mods on your equipped melee weapon do not affect this ability, however, the aura mod that increases melee damage does work. As you can see we have selected the mods that will best compliment this idea.

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My only real problem with Ash is the same problem I have with most of the older frames. I broke a 4 yeah dry streak Sunday. Its effected by Power Strength.

Please accept an upvote for my thanks! With Corpus, you could go either way, with Bladestorm taking slightly longer.

how do i build ash warframe

Yeah I just tried and it doesn't seem worth the mod space since you can't fit on any good mods after them. Where a level 100 Heavy gunner has in the range of 60k health.


Just as well, it does finisher damage which ignores shields and armor. Check my reply to the other guy. Fixed a script error when casting Bladestorm as Ash Prime. Update 8.

how do i build ash warframe

Players helping Players Search In. If are talking Gara, she can build up absurd amounts of damage very quickly.

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how do i build ash warframe

Recommended Posts. Smoke Screen does not end when Ash is downed.

This appears to occur when Blade Storm's initial target is killed before Blade Storm begins. But I'll try your build suggestion out - I haven't tried combo mods on him. As rivens goes, it appears to increase bs animation speed, but i think it does not increase the dmg.